DR. DIANE MCINTOSH  BSc Pharmacy, MD  FRCPC, Psychiatrist

BSc Pharmacy, MD
FRCPC, Psychiatrist

Dr. McIntosh graduated from Dalhousie University, where she completed an undergraduate degree in pharmacy before completing her medical school training. She completed 2 years of a paediatric residency and then an adult psychiatry residency. She is extensively involved in continuing medical education programs to colleagues nationally and internationally, with a focus on rational pharmacology. She has a particular interest in the neurobiology of mood and anxiety disorders and ADHD.

Dr. McIntosh is the co-founder of SwitchRx, the online psychotropic medication switching tool. Dr. McIntosh has published blogs in the Huffington Post, focusing on mental health issues, as well as advocating for improving access to high-quality psychiatric care by writing op eds in British Columbia. She is also the founder of wedomatter.org, which advocates for more compassionate care for psychiatric patients and their families.  

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Ignorance drives stigma!
By reading this book, you are challenging that stigma head on.

Launch date October 10, World Mental Health Day

“Dr. Diane McIntosh is an outstanding communicator. This Is Depression translates the way clinicians and researchers think about many aspects of the most disabling disorder in today’s society. Her discussion of the genetic and brain disruptions in people with ‘major depression’ conveys complex science in plain language and provides the rationale for subsequent discussions of cognitive and other ‘talk’ therapies as well as the different families of medications and ‘device’ therapies. I recommend This Is Depression to anyone who needs to know more about the current understanding and treatments for depression, particularly persons with lived experience and their families. Anyone reading This Is Depression before going to see a mental health specialist will be an informed consumer.”
Sidney H. Kennedy, professor of psychiatry, University of Toronto