“I developed PsychedUp CME to make psychiatry continuing medical education clinically relevant, practical, engaging and interactive. Our patients are counting on us to be at the leading edge when we diagnose a mental illness and prescribe or switch psychotropic medications. You'll be there with PsychedUp CME.

I specifically designed PsychedUp CME for front-line Canadian health care professionals: family physicians, psychiatrists, nurses, nurse practitioners and pharmacists”.
Diane McIntosh
BSc Pharmacy, MD
FRCPC, Psychiatrist

PsychedUp events are designed to deepen healthcare professionals' understanding on how to better diagnose mental illnesses and prescribe or switch psychotropic medications. Events are hosted in attractive comfortable venues with coffee and tea through the day, lunch and refreshments included. They run from 9am-2pm.

Topics include depression, bipolar disorders, anxiety disorders, adult ADHD, epigenetics, role of cannabis in psychiatry, binge eating disorder, and metabolic disorders management in psychiatry with a focus on obesity.

Accreditation: All PsychedUp programs across Canada are accredited by the Royal College (4.5 Section 1 credits).
To learn which events are accredited for Mainpro+, visit the “accreditation” tab or each event’s page.

2019 PsychedUp CME Events

2020 PsychedUp CME Events



“This Is Depression is unique in that although it’s intended for people with depression (or their loved ones), it is comprehensive and head and shoulders above the rest of those slim volumes that don’t delve into the details. If anyone wants to become an expert on their own illness, this is the book. Readers will be better informed than most clinicians!”
Leslie L. Citrome, clinical professor of psychiatry and behavioural sciences, New York Medical College