I developed PsychedUp CME to make psychiatry continuing medical education clinically relevant, practical, engaging and interactive. Our patients are counting on us to be at the leading edge when we diagnose a mental illness and prescribe or switch psychotropic medications. You'll be there with PsychedUp CME.

I specifically designed PsychedUp CME for front-line Canadian health care professionals: family physicians, psychiatrists, nurses and pharmacists. 

Diane McIntosh

2019 PsychedUpCME Events

PsychedUp events are hosted in attractive comfortable venues with breakfast, lunch and refreshments included. They run from 9am-2pm

2020 PsychedUp CME Events

What people are saying.. More than 720 health care providers have attended PsychedUp so far. Here is some of the feedback they shared...

“As a community psychiatrist, I was inspired by both the content and the applicability of the PsychedUp CME to my day to day prescribing practices. Dr McIntosh is magical with her seamless ability to merge complex diagnostic and psychopharmacological concepts with relevant and practical day to day issues our patients present with in helping us to make the best treatment decisions possible in order to better the quality of the lives of our patients. I sincerely believe it is a “must attend” cme for all professionals working in the mental health field. “
Dr Jennifer Payne, MD, FRCP, Psychiatrist, Montreal 

“A great CME format. Dr. McIntosh and the PsychedUp team have the rare combination of a wealth of detailed pharmacological knowledge and clinical experience, memorable delivery, and a passion for sharing with colleagues. I guarantee you will come out with some key clinical pearls that will change your practice and improve your ability to diagnosis and optimize mental health treatments in your patients. “
Anita Lee, MD. Family Physician, BC

“Dr. McIntosh's PsychedUp training in Calgary was one of the most informative, clinically relevant, and enjoyable CME events that I have attended in many years.  Dr. McIntosh is amazingly knowledgeable, and presents the material in an organized and well-laid out manner.  Her slides are to the point, capturing the essence of the content, and emailed out afterwards for easy storage and future reference. There was a good balance of didactic and interactive learning, and questions were taken both during the presentation, as appropriate, and generously during the breaks and at the end of the day.  While coffee was served, it was not needed for the purpose of maintaining wakefulness - Dr. McIntosh has an easy going, warm, appropriately humorous, and all-in-all captivating manner so conducive to retaining both review and cutting edge psychiatric material. I was so happy to hear of the next PsychedUp event in Vancouver, and even happier that it will be extended over two days.  I so look forward to attending, and will be bringing a medical student all the way from Ontario, as it is well-worth the travel”.  Marion Perpick-Breton, M.Sc., Ph.D., M.D., F.R.C.P.(C.) Psychiatrist, AB

“Thank you very much for this talk. I really enjoyed Dr. McIntosh's style of presentation. She is very engaging and knowledgable. I learned so much about unipolar and bipolar disease. I do not feel as fearful of treating a manic or depressed episode within bipolar now. I found the presentation to be packed with useful information, and very time efficient. I am grateful to have notes to refer back to and I have used the SwitchRx website already many times to give me confidence on how to switch or taper anti-depressants. It is an excellent resource, especially when psychiatry consultation is not easy to access promptly. I intend to participate in future conferences”. C.C., MD. Family Physician, ON


SwitchRx aims to provide healthcare professionals with the most current and useful information to guide their clinical practice when adjusting their patient's psychotropic treatment regimens.

This resource features suggested tapering and titration schedules, clinical tips, detailed information on drug pharmacokinetics, and other precautions. You'll find all the switching information you need here.