Nearly 800 health care professionals attend PsychedUp so far. This is what they had to say….

“One of the best, if not the best, CME events I have attended...ever! Presentation provides valuable information that is immediately actionable in clinical practice. I will be going back for more”.
Satu Repo-Hendsbee
Psychiatrist, ON.


“This is one of the best CME if I have attended in years. It presented concise, practical tips in a palatable format. As a family doctor I want practical knowledge that will address my patients concerns and help me manage complications. Dr. McIntosh is a phenomenal speaker who delivered relevant practice changing information. Thank you!”
Anne-Pascale Bartleman
Family Physician, ON.


“Absolutely the best psychiatric CME for GPs, lots of pearls”.
Yu Li
General Practitioner, ON.


“With a totally dynamic speaker who was a fountain of knowledge, this CME was absolutely fantastic! I came home with a pocket full of great clinical pearls that I can put into practice immediately. I highly recommend this program”.
Sonya Malone
Family Physician, ON.


“This was a great learning experience and has enhanced my comfort level and knowledge of diagnosing and treating anxiety, depression, and especially bipolar disorder. The speaker was very engaging and worked through information at the perfect pace!”
Stephanie Collings
Nurse Practitioner, ON


“Dr. Diane McIntosh is a down-to-earth practitioner with much clinical insight and experience to share. PsychedUp was very informative and I highly recommend it to all primary care providers”.
Sara Yoeun
Pharmacist, ON.


“It was a great, well organized approach to psychopharmacology that was also thoroughly enjoyable”.
Stephen H. Pasternak
Neurologist, ON.


“Diane is so knowledgeable, her experience, education and tips were very helpful to enhance my practice ”.
Alicia Peltier
Nurse Practitioner, ON.


“The reason I love this CME is that the approach is practical and real. Guidelines are guidelines but the person in front of you needs to be treated like a person. I love her approach which is common sense and practical”.
Kathryn Walker
Family Physician, ON.


“PsychedUp has helped me become a better Nurse Practitioner. Thank you for such great information, that will most definitely help guide my clinical practice!”
Heather Kelly
Nurse Practitioner, ON.


“I highly recommend this CME opportunity! It had great clinical relevance for discriminating diagnoses, and learning subtleties in pharmacotherapy in depression and bipolar disorder.”
Daryline Put
Family physician, QC.


“As a community psychiatrist, I was inspired by both the content and the applicability of the PsychedUp CME to my day to day prescribing practices. Dr McIntosh is magical with her seamless ability to merge complex diagnostic and psychopharmacological concepts with relevant and practical day to day issues our patients present with in helping us to make the best treatment decisions possible in order to better the quality of the lives of our patients. I sincerely believe it is a “must attend” cme for all professionals working in the mental health field. “
Jennifer Payne
Psychiatrist, QC.


“I attended a presentation of Dr. McIntosh, clearly the best speaker I have seen so far in 20 years.  Very clinical and practical.  Make sure you see her when she will present next”.
Marie-Andrée Ouimet
Psychiatrist, QC.


“These Educational CME psychiatric lectures are just : Inspiring , Stimulating & Marvellous …..
The Content of the Program is: State of the art , very valuable , comprehensive and informative ! … and Dr Diane McIntosh makes the lectures very Interesting , stimulating & inspirational , and very easy to understand; with latest information on the topics of major psychiatric illnesses and latest medications and treatment modalities . She also gives all this valuable  information in the Handouts , created by her ; at no extra charge! 
I would strongly recommend Psyched Up course to all psychiatrists , residents , medical students , psychologists , nursing Staff & any other mental health professionals . 
Dr. Diane McIntosh and her "Psyched Up” CME Lectures are just Super Fantastic !!!“
Chakrabarty L. Pole
Psychiatrist, BC.


“Thank you very much for this talk. I really enjoyed Dr. McIntosh's style of presentation. She is very engaging and knowledgeable. I learned so much about unipolar and bipolar disease. I do not feel as fearful of treating a manic or depressed episode within bipolar now. I found the presentation to be packed with useful information, and very time efficient. I am grateful to have notes to refer back to and I have used the SwitchRx website already many times to give me confidence on how to switch or taper anti-depressants. It is an excellent resource, especially when psychiatry consultation is not easy to access promptly. I intend to participate in future conferences”.
Family Physician, ON.


“I am a few steps from retirement. Although much of what I heard today is familiar to me, there were many fresh bits of knowledge and methodology that makes me consider Dr. Diane McIntosh's presentation a five star update course in the clinical psychopharmacology of mood disorders. I recommend it strongly to practicing physicians, especially psychiatrists, family doctors and neurologists. The handouts are very useful.  Congratulations, Dr. McIntosh!”
Daniel Costa
Psychiatrist, ON.


“It was great to have an engaging speaker present some of the most common psychiatric clinical scenarios we face in daily practice along with simple, easy to remember tips to better diagnose and treat our patients. I'm a relatively new family physician but the discussions during this event showed that seasoned physicians also greatly benefited from Dr. McIntosh's expertise, interactive presentation and humour. I look forward to the new material coming up in the next conference”.
Rodolfo Domínguez
Family Medicine, ON.


“I find the PsychedUp conferences to be up to date and very clinically relevant.  It is an opportunity to have interactive explorations of medication questions and a great review of medication approaches to psychiatric illness.  Dr. McIntosh is an energetic and clear communicator, so the pace is fast and the focus placed on real life practise issues”.
Annette Stevens
Psychiatrist, BC.


“PsychedUp was an amazing conference. The information was delivered very effectively and engaged everyone who attended. I feel the information provided will greatly improve my clinical practice. I can’t wait to attend another PsychedUp event!”
Renee Bradley
Nurse Practitioner, ON.


“Attending PsychedUp is a must. Not only does Dr. McIntosh convey complex topics in a way that’s easy to understand, her down-to-earth personality and approachability provides a comfortable learning environment to ask questions and discuss difficult cases. I highly recommend anyone looking to enhance their knowledge in psychiatry to participate in this seminar, it truly will make a difference to your practice.”
Saleema Bhaidani
PharmD, ON.


“This is the first conference that was oriented to those of us practicing psychiatry.  There was not the usual parroting of guidelines.  This conference took a critical look at guidelines which as practitioners, often do not match what we experience and patients demand.  Given your background in pharmacology, I trusted your opinions more than I usually would.  This was truly oriented to the practicing psychiatrists who actually practice in the real world.
I can't thank you enough... “
Eva Risling
Psychiatrist, BC.


“In the times of exponentially growing information about various psychiatric treatments, it is very important to have a systematic approach. That is exactly, what PsychedUp provides: The framework for systematic approach of multiple treatment modalities.
It was definitely helpful for me, as a general psychiatrist. I would highly recommend it to psychiatrists and family physicians alike”.
Victoria Dmitrieva
Psychiatrist, BC.


“A great CME format. Dr. McIntosh and the Psychedup team have the rare combination of a wealth of detailed pharmacological knowledge and clinical experience, memorable delivery, and a passion for sharing with colleagues. I guarantee you will come out with some key clinical pearls that will change your practice and improve your ability to diagnosis and optimize mental health treatments in your patients. “ 
Anita Lee
Family Physician, BC.


" I am a family doctor and I really enjoy spending my day attending PsychedUp talks. The talks go deeper and beyond what I already know; it is about practical tips that are important in practice. I highly recommend these events."
Mitra Motamedi
Family Physician, BC.


You've all had the experience. Attending a conference, eager to learn, but by the forth slide you got lost in the stats and numbers. Psyched up is different. Dr Diane McIntosh is an engaging and knowledgeable speaker. She presents information in a practical way that makes learning fun. I have never seen so many audience members take part in discussions or asking questions. You will find PsychedUp valuable. You might not be so keen on mental health disorders, but you see it in your practice every day. You need to learn more about the treatment of the most prevalent psychiatric disorders and this is the way to do it.
Janus Steyn
Psychiatrist, BC.


“PsychedUp was very fun, informative and very interactive.
 What I liked the most is that Diane addressed the very practical issues of approaching the diagnosis and treatment of various psychiatric conditions down to the practical tips. It was extremely helpful. I will definitely attend the event in the future.
Elena Nelson
General Practitioner, BC.


“Dr. McIntosh's PsychedUp training in Calgary was one of the most informative, clinically relevant, and enjoyable, CME events that I have attended in many years.  Dr. McIntosh is amazingly knowledgeable, and presents the material in an organized and well-laid out manner.  Her slides are to the point, capturing the essence of the content, and emailed out afterwards for easy storage and future reference.   There was a good balance of didactic and interactive learning, and questions were taken both during the presentation, as appropriate, and generously during the breaks and at the end of the day.  While coffee was served, certainly, it was not needed for the purpose of maintaining wakefulness - Dr. McIntosh has an easy going, warm, appropriately humorous, and all-in-all captivating manner so conducive to retaining both review and cutting edge psychiatric material. I was so happy to hear of the next PsychedUp event in Vancouver, and even happier that it will be extended over two days.  I so look forward to attending, and will be bringing a young medical student all the way from Ontario, as it is well-worth the travel”.  
Marion Perpick-Breton
Psychiatrist, AB.


“Psyched Up CME is a fun and interactive way to update psychiatric knowledge. The presentation was both detailed and accessible and will definitely improve my clinical practice.
I recommend these excellent workshops to colleagues in primary care and psychiatric setting”.
Keren Mitchell
Nurse Practitioner, BC.


“PsychedUp was very informative and enlightening. Exceeded my expectations! I have gone to many Continuing educational seminars and this is one of the best ones I have ever attended. The best educational seminar of the year! Dr Diane McIntosh is an inspirational speaker and very knowledgeable. Dr Ali Zentner is always very engaging and so passionate about her work. I am motivated to read and learn more about atypical antipsychotics, antidepressants and glial cells!!! I am already looking forward to next year’s event!!! Would recommend this event to everyone, a real eye opener!”
Lisa Mark
Pharmacist, BC.


“Excellent presentation of the new Canadian CANMAT bipolar guidelines in a thought-provoking manner”
Peter Marr
Family Physician, BC.


“I had a top-notch experience at PsychedUp.  The format of the conference was excellent. It was organized and efficient, but also comfortable and casual enough to encourage interaction between the audience and the speaker.  
I learned a lot; Dr. McIntosh answered some of my own long-standing questions during her presentation.
I will certainly attend the next PsychedUp event in my area - well done. Thanks for putting on a great conference!”
Tara Loseth
Pharmacist, BC.


“The content was well developed, detailed, and relevant. The delivery was dynamic and engaging.
Eponymously named, PsychedUp indeed left me psyched up. A true highlight on my CME calendar. Thank you, Dr. McIntosh!“
Kelvin Chao
General Practitioner, BC.


“As a practitioner whose primary practice is based on clinical counselling utilizing nonpharmaceutical interventions (mindfulness-based interventions, CBT et al.), I found Dr. Diane McIntosh's wealth of knowledge in the neurology of DSM-5 disorders and her understanding of pharmacological treatment of these disorders to be an important body of knowledge to bring to bear on my practice. Her engaging evidence-based presentation of information is clear, precise and understandable.
There is no doubt in my mind that this seminar has broadened my perspective on the biopsychosocial approach to the treatment of mental health concerns”.
Sean Pritchard
Registered Professional Counselor, BC.


“I attended the first ever last year and thought it was excellent. Dr. Diane McIntosh is an excellent speaker.
I would strongly recommend PsychedUp”.
Britt Bright
Psychiatrist, BC.


“… Diane’s presentation in Ottawa was really great. The day went by so quickly. I could have taken another hour with her. Not always the case with other speakers”.
Jean-Marie M. Ribeyre
Psychiatrist, ON.


“I am very glad that I attended PsychedUp. It was a most informative and engaging.
I got several pearls which I can use in my office. I would certainly recommend PsychedUp to my friends and I would attend another session.”
 Mharukh Tamboli
Family physician, ON.


"One of the best teaching sessions I've attended in many years.  Diane is well-organized, knowledgeable, experienced and a superb communicator”.
Stephen J. Hucker
Psychiatrist, ON.


“One of the best psychiatry conferences I have attended. Dr McIntosh is an engaging speaker and she presents clinical pearl after clinical pearl”. 
Brad Steeves
Pharmacist, AB.


“…very useful and applicable information, loved your passion for your work, definitely changes how aggressively I will manage depression... Thank you for an excellent CME.”
Roxana Chow
Family physician, ON.


Dr. McIntosh in the PsychedUp workshop provided the latest information on psychiatric diagnoses and treatments while incorporating current guidelines and clinical practice. The didactic presentation was engaging, informative, and provided very practical treatment strategies. The workshop was by far one of the most clinically relevant workshops I have attended in all my years of practice. Thank you Dr. McIntosh for all your passion in psychiatry.
Zaheen Rhemtulla
Clinical Pharmacist, BC.


“PsychedUp was engaging, informative and refreshing! I came away feeling confident in my expanded knowledge of psychiatry, with many pearls that I will use in practice with confidence. 
Thank you for such a wonderful event. Can't wait for the next one!”
 Allison Tario
Pharmacist, ON.


“PsychedUp was a very educational and practically useful day. I’ve already implemented some of the learnings to manage my mental health patients more confidently.” 
Arthur Vasquez
Family physician, BC.


“Very engaging, informative and adaptable! Bravo!!!”
Suzanne Kerr
Psychotherapist, ON.


“PsychedUp was very practical and effectively covered a lot of material in a short period of time.  I really appreciated all the clinical pearls that were shared and opportunities for interaction with the speaker.  Heavy emphasis on pharmacotherapy  was great, especially discussion surrounding newer agents.  Would highly recommend my colleagues attend PsychedUp when it is next in town”.

Inessa McIntyre
Pharmacist, BC.


“Thank you for a well organized and relevant to clinical practice CME.
Dr. McIntosh is an excellent speaker. I hope she will keep sharing her expertise; both, Doctors and Patients will benefit from it”.
Family Physician, ON


Below are some quotes we collected from the anonymous evaluation forms:

  • Fantastic and very rich presentation. Dr McIntosh is a very good speaker

  • information was presented in a clear, fun way with personal experience treating patients included

  • Concrete examples, good explanations. the messages were clear and concise, clinically oriented

  • Excellent speaker, well organized, family physician friendly content

  • Everything was excellent, vignettes, stories, loads of clinical pearls, extremely engaging presentation style

  • respect de l'horaire, dynamisme de la présentatrice, clarté des informations présentées

  • Clear and simple explanation, focus on clinical practice

  • Very easy to understand, clear explanations, very clinical

  • very well organized (time, location, break and food)

  • Concise, engaging, relevant information. Very good speaker and teacher. Excellent companion document

  • Organization, emails, dr McIntosh is awesome keeping public’s attention

  • Excellent speaker, lively and entertaining

  • excellent presentation, amazing speaker

  • Dr McIntosh knows how to be dynamic and capture our attention!

  • Dr. McIntosh is a great speaker

  • Dr McIntosh is an excellent and knowledgeable speaker. It was very organized, everything went on time, the polling system was good, the session felt very interactive, and I liked the 9-2 schedule.

  • Dr. McIntosh is well spoken. Answered questions on the spot. Interesting material. Text message technology is incredible!

  • Provided solid information that can be use in practice

  • Price and value for an excellent talk.

  • Concise, easy to understand, focus on clinical

  • interactive, excellent speaker…

  • Dr. McIntosh is an excellent, engaging and clear speaker. Lots of clinical pearls. Great to have the slides printed out.

  • Dr McIntosh was fantastic and I will look forward to hearing her speak again

  • ….engaging presenter with lots of clinical experience

  • Very relevant to practice

  • Very well organized Time-wise especially for travelers from outside of Toronto. The content and the way it was delivered was very intriguing interesting and kept my attention the entire day Excellent coverage of mood disorders

  • Clinically relevant case based material with a great speaker

  • Clear explanation of clinical practice and rational for drug selection

  • Clinical examples were great.

  • Excellent presenter, very practical and useful. Thank you:)

  • excellent speaker and handout layout

  • concise, practical, offered up many clinical pearls

  • the course was well organized

  • Excellent speaker, lots of questions, Interactive

  • stayed on time, dynamic, interesting speaker

  • Amazing speaker, lots of real life examples that are relatable

  •  Very practical information - useful tips/strategies for managing everyday patients

  • Awesome teaching. Best CME ever

  • Detailed rationale for Tx, simplified clearly, lots of time for Q&A

  • It really was excellent. Very practical, will help me provide better care for my mentally ill patients

  • Amazing day. GREAT. Fantastic pearls...

  • It was very informative.  Wish there was more time…

  • ....overall, this was an EXCELLENT session! Very practical. Thank you

  • honestly it's one of the BEST teaching sessions I've been to....

  • Super Fantastic Presentations.

  • Perfect. LOVED IT. pure educational, not biased

  • Fantastic pearls. Very helpful tips for my psychiatric patients

  • Excellent workshop! very practical, maybe the best I've ever attended

  • You are awesome. Amazing. Speaker full of useful clinical advice! Worth the drive from London!

  • This was an excellent review. You are a gifted instructor lending to an ease in understanding…

  • The presenter was amazing! Very engaging and great to listen to and learn from. Very relevant topics and discussion that I can take into my practice.

  • Very clear, relevant info. To the point

  • Loved the clear explanation of the CANMAT depression algorithm and also the advantages of some of the new agents

  • Presentation was excellent. Content and applicability to practice

  • Engaging speaker. Practical pearls-lots. Not too long…

  • practical clinically relevant

  • Great practice pearls were shared as were online resources

  • Very up to date, practical and clinical information we could apply right away.

  • Excellent organization of presentation, knowledgeable clear presentation, good interaction with audience, up to date

  • Dr. McIntosh is a wonderful presenter. Also really liked the interactive piece with texting

  • logical explanation of treatment options and how to manage side effects

  • Very engaging! And the food was good too!

  • Excellent overview of clinical pearls

  • Very useful clinical experience

  • Good presentation, interactive, modern, good lunch

  • Great topics and presenter

  • Small group, with lots of time for audience participation and questions. Practical approach to everyday situations